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Bụrụ onye na-anwale

Kwalite ebe obibi ziri ezi na mpaghara gị

Ndị na-anwale ule bụ ngwá ọrụ siri ike nke a na-eji kpughee ịkpa ókè ụlọ na-akwadoghị ma jide ndị ọkachamara ụlọ ọrụ na-aza ajụjụ. Ọ bụ otu n'ime ngwa kachasị mkpa anyị na-eji na-amanye iwu ụlọ ziri ezi. Nnwale na-enye anyị ohere ikpughe ịkpa oke nke nwere ike isi ike ịmata na ijide ndị ọkachamara ụlọ ọrụ na-aza ajụjụ maka ịkpa oke ahụ.

Job Description

Job Title: Tester

Location: Greater Cincinnati Area

Terms: Non-Exempt, Part-Time

Salary/Rate: $60 for training, $30 for 3 phone call attempts and $70 for site visit (up to $100 per case), and $15/hour for additional work needed

Reports to: Testing and Investigations Coordinator/Manager

Requirements: Weekend/Day/Evening Availability, Reliable Transportation (Travel Required)


About the Role:

As a Tester, you will join a team of dedicated individuals who have a passion for helping solve housing discrimination. In this flexible part time role you will play an essential element in the investigation process.You will help investigate organizations and landlords who might be discriminating against members of a protected class.  


  • Regularly check email for assignments and other testing related information 

  • Call leasing agent/agency and gather initial information about the property 

  • Schedule appointment to tour property with leasing agent/agency 

  • Keep a detailed contact log of the conversations with leasing agent/agency

  • Tour property as the assigned candidate profile and record the conversation 

  • Write a report based on the conversation with leasing agent/agency and debrief with Testing and Investigations Coordinator

  • Attend yearly spring training session


●      Knowledge of standard housing practices 

●      General house-hunting knowledge 



●      Microsoft Office 

●      Computer Skills

●      English Language speaking, reading, and writing skills

●      Organizational Skills

●      Time Management Skills

●      Operating a Recording Device

Other Attributes: 

●      Communication

●      Willingness to take part in Role-Playing

Education and Experience: 

  • High School or GED Preferred

  • Previous customer service experience Preferred

Work Environment: 

  • Outside of the office

  • Hot and cold temperatures 



  • 90% of this position requires travel

  • Able to get to a variety of different sites

  • Reliable transportation 


To learn more or to become a tester, contact Chad Siekman at or (513)-721-4663.

UZỌ Ị GA-Enye onyinye

Na Onye

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Ụzọ Ọgụgụ 2400

Suite 118

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


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N'elu ekwentị

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(513) 721-4663

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