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HOME’s mission is to eliminate unlawful discrimination in housing in the Greater Cincinnati area. HOME advocates and enforces housing regulations for all protected classes and promotes stable, integrated communities.


Housing Opportunities Made Equal is a non-profit corporation working to make Greater Cincinnati a completely open housing market. HOME was started in 1959 as the Greater Cincinnati Committee for Equal Opportunities in Housing, and when the Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968, the organization was incorporated as Housing Opportunities Made Equal of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. (HOME). With housing discrimination now illegal, HOME’s mission was to eliminate illegal discrimination.

HOME counseled home seekers, gathered evidence, and worked with cooperating attorneys. With the Supreme Court Havens decision in 1982, HOME had standing to bring cases in its own name when it found evidence of illegal discrimination. In addition to enforcement, HOME had an active education program and worked with Realtors and landlords to help them understand the law.

In 1988, when the Fair Housing Act was amended to add protections for people with disabilities and families with children, HOME responded with additional training, outreach, and client services. HOME joined with the Apartment Association to sponsor a free Housing Mediation Service to resolve disputes without going to court.

People know to call HOME when they have housing questions or problems. During the foreclosure crisis, 2007-2012, HOME offered a foreclosure prevention program. In 2009, we added a Tenant Advocacy program to help stabilize families and neighborhoods by helping tenants stay in their homes. In 2013, with a grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation we began working with one inner city elementary school to provide targeted Tenant Advocacy to prevent the constant moves that reduce a child’s ability to learn.

In 2008, Dr. Charles F. Casey-Leininger and his students from the Department of History at the University of Cincinnati researched and wrote a historical account of housing segregation in Greater Cincinnati. Read or download a PDF of their report here Going Home: The Struggle for Fair Housing in Cincinnati 1900 to 2007.

From 1977 to 2004, Karla Irvine served as the passionate director of HOME. Throughout her tenure, she was a leader in the fight against illegal housing discrimination in Cincinnati. To read a bit of her story, click Karla Irvine Remembered.

HOME’s services are free of charge. If you have questions or concerns, call us at 513-721-4663 to discuss your situation.

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